Upstate South Carolina’s DEF CON group.

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DC864 started in the fall of 2018 by co-founders Ben Acord (Overcast) and Eric Hart (Jt3kt). The group provides learning opportunities, resources, and camaraderie for anyone interested in digital privacy and information security. We like to make things and break things, cyber all the cybersecurity, and hack all the things. All ages and skill levels welcome. We are open to the public. No dues, no fees.

We support digital freedom: free expression, security, privacy, creativity, and access to knowledge.

All blog posts are the opinions of the respective author and do not represent those of any employer.

Current community leads are: Omicron, LukeTech, Jt3kt, and Overcast.

Meeting Schedule

Follow us on Twitter for up to date schedules and events. Most of the interaction and networking takes place on Discord.

  • The monthly meeting is held on the 1st Thursday of every month at 6 PM ET. The tentative schedule is under Resources here. Meetings are hybrid, both virtual and in-person, with the streaming via Discord. Anyone in the group may present a topic. If you are interested, reach out in the Discord General channel to start the process and get on the speaking schedule.
    • Villages meet after the main presentation.
    • Blue Team Village is a hang out for those interested in defense and detection (i.e. incident response, vulnerability management, threat hunting, threat intelligence, etc.).
    • Red Team Village has an active OSCP & PNPT study group.

Join Us

Discord Community (Click to Join) – this is where most of our interaction takes place
Twitter: DEFCON864
YouTube: DC864 Group
LinkedIn: DEF CON Greenville / DC864
MeetUp: DEFCON864
Email: DEFCON864info [AT] gmail [DOT] com


Cybersecurity, penetration testing, application security, locksport, incident response, threat hunting, threat intelligence, malware analysis, reverse engineering, capture the flag (CTF), career planning, and maker projects.


  1. DC864 provides a platform that is open to anyone who wishes to meet, regardless of who they are or what walks of life they come from. Harassment of any sorts, including sexual harassment, or harassment based on someone’s race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, skills/experience, etc. will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be harassing others, or have affiliations to hate groups, may be warned or removed from the group. TL;DR: Don’t be rude.
  2. Respect the privacy of others. Seek permission before photographing other individuals at meetings. If the subject asks, please delete any videos or photos you may have of them at a meeting. In the event that the DC864 is providing “Off the Record” accommodations for a speaker in advance, electronic recording of any sorts is strictly prohibited. During the talk, mobile devices must be stowed in your pocket or bag. Anyone suspected of recording will be asked to leave.
  3. The DC864 does not, nor does DEF CON® Groups, condone illegal activities. Some of the members of DC864 have worked against criminal actors in their careers. You DO NOT want to pop up on their radar. For your own sake, do not come to meet ups looking to hack other people or organizations.
  4. Academic/professional dishonesty is prohibited. Do not use the meetups or provided platforms to cheat on contests or coursework. Assistance and writeups are awesome. Removing the learning experience is not. Cheating will always get you “pwned” at the technical interview.
  5. Law Enforcement encouraged to contribute and participate in DC864 activities, given that they are open and honest about their affiliation and intentions.
  6. This Code of Conduct is not the exclusive rules of the group, but are guidelines as to how persons who take part in the DC864 are expected to conduct themselves. Persons may be banned for reasons that go beyond this Code of Conduct if they are found to be disruptive to how the group operates, or if their behavior poses a hazard to others.

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