Great Geek Gifts List 2019

December 2019 was a great meeting. Thanks to all who came out and who joined remotely. Special thank you to our hosts, Synergy Mill, a fantastic hackerspace.

Main Session

Some of the toys discussed:

  1. Open Design computers (firmware too!):
  2. Sabrent 1tb M.2 SSD PCIe Gen 4
  3. Hak5 Toys
  4. Small Form Factor Devices
  5. Backpack organization – Amazon link to Cacoon CPG10BK Grid IT Organizer
  6. Raspberry Pi 3, 4 and Zero
  7. Honorable mention, Burp Suite Professional
  8. Palo Alto & Fortinet free training to veterans

Feel free to share any I’ve forgotten to mention. For those who couldn’t make it, what’s some cool hackery gift ideas you’ve found?

Project Session

Brainstorming new ideas and thoughts on the Mitre Attack Framework.

Random Stuff ‘n Things

Closeout tour and intro to Synergy Mill for the new folks.