January 5th Meeting – The Church of Emacs by rbrins

Do you ever wonder about the editor wars and how emacs won? Join us as we take a fresh emacs 28 install and scratch the surface on how to use a powerful piece of software for programming, project management, and computer management. If you want to follow along install a fresh copy before.

Thursday, January 5th, 2023 at 6 PM.

All meetings are free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome.
The meeting presentation is both streamed online and in-person. Projects and villages will not be streamed or recorded and occur after the presentation.

  • In-person at Pelham Road Library meeting room (to the right of the front desk). Food is not allowed in the Library meeting rooms. You may want to eat before you attend or some members go out for dinner after.
  • Online details are posted in our Discord (invite link).


Welcome & Announcements: 6:00 – 6:15

PresentationThe Church of Emacs by rbrins 6:15 – 7: 00

Breakout areas for the remaining time:

Projects: Open mic, anyone can take five minutes to share a project, hobby, or something they’ve learned.

Lockpick Village: Have you ever wanted to learn how to pick a lock? This is the place to learn locksport. We’ll have tools and locks available for practice.

Blue Team Village: Backdoors & Breaches

Red Team Village: PNPT & OSCP Certification exam study group