Dec 7th meeting: MUDdy Lessons

In “MUDdy Lessons,” Kal takes the audience on a journey through his 20-year experience with Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), highlighting their role in developing his IT skills. He delves into the intricacies of learning C programming since 2020, a skill cultivated through his work on MUDs, particularly on the project “BlackMUD: Age of Discovery.” Kal discusses how MUDs fostered not only his programming abilities but also skills in game design, solution engineering, and community management. The presentation includes a case study on the challenges and innovations in updating “BlackMUD,” emphasizing practical problem-solving. The talk concludes with a Q&A session, offering insights into how hobbies and passions can enhance professional growth in the IT field.

Kal is a co-founder of DEF CON 864 and one of its current leads. He loves finding ways to hack old tech in with the new and spending quality conversational time with family and friends. Occasionally those folks enjoy talking to him too.

General Information
Join us for the monthly DEF CON 864 group meeting online and in-person.

  • In-person at Pelham Road Library | F.W. Symmes Branch. Streaming online via Discord.
  • Online details are posted in our Discord.
  • Discord invite is on our website at

All meetings are free and open to the public.

We have a very open format, so join in and let us know what your interests are that you’d like to see from this group.

We leave an hour to going over member projects and interests. Have a Raspberry Pi project or build a custom drone? Bring it in and show us how you did it. Creating your own set of scripts for system reconnaissance? We’d love to see it.